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What To Do If You Ran a Red light

In California, suggested fines are set at the state level and can be found in the Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedules. For running a red light, the base fine is set at $100. However, one of the eccentricities of California law is that the extra penalties assessed by the state often double or triple the amount of the base fine. So, even though the fine itself is only a hundred dollars, after all the penalties get tacked on to your bill, you're looking at an amount due of $350! Of course, the local court may have additional court costs for you to pay as well.

Although you'll still be stuck paying an amount equal to the fine, you may be able to take a defensive driving course to keep the violation from appearing on your record. If you have the option to take the course, do it. A red light ticket is a moving violation and can raise your insurance rates, so it's in your best interest to keep it from appearing on your record.

Driving University offers an online defensive driving class that is accepted by many California traffic schools. If you are able to take traffic school to dismiss a violation, why not do it with us? We offer an interesting and informative internet-based course that you can take in your spare time at home. Plus, once you complete the course we'll send your certificate out to you the same day. We also offer an express shipping option if you've waited until the last minute. To sign up for our defensive driving course, click here.

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