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Dangers of Running Red Lights

Running a California red light is not smart. If you have a red light, then oncoming traffic has a green light, which means that they are not expecting you to be in the intersection. By running a California red light, you are almost asking to either hit someone or to be hit yourself. For example, according to statistics from the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, in 2005 approximately 45% of all car crashes happened at an intersection. Also in 2005, 805 people nationwide died as a result of someone running a red light. Remember, intersections are inherently dangerous places, and California red lights are there for your protection. Getting in accident will delay you for a lot longer than stopping for a red light could possibly do. In fact, if the accident is bad enough, you may find yourself on a detour to the city morgue…not a happy thought!

Accidents at intersections are likely to be t-bone collisions, where the front of one vehicle strikes the side of the other. These accidents vary in severity, but they are more likely cause injuries than front or rear end collisions with the same amount of force. This is because the side of the vehicle is the most vulnerable part of the car. Also, when red light running is involved, accidents are more likely to be severe because the vehicle running the red light is trying to get through the intersection as fast as possible. When you approach an intersection, it's important to drive defensively and try to be aware of your surroundings no matter what color the light is.

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