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Insurance Rates and Driving Records

While the DMV generally won't take any action against you if you have just one point on your license, your insurance company probably will. Auto insurance companies use the information contained on your California driving record to determine your rates-and when they find an accident or violation on your record, the impact on your premium isn't pretty. This is because insurance companies try to base your insurance premiums on the risk you represent to the company. So, if you've broken a traffic law and been caught, they will assume that you are not a consistently safe driver. To the insurance company, this means that there is a higher than normal risk that they will have to pay a claim on your policy, and they will surcharge you to account for the extra risk. The amount of the surcharge varies by company, so you can try to shop around for a better rate-but you will never get the best insurance prices unless you have a clean California driving record.

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