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How Defensive Driving and Traffic School affects your Driving Record

Every 18 months, the state of California offers you a chance to have a traffic ticket dismissed from your record by attending a California defensive driving class, called traffic violator school (TVS). A TVS class lasts approximately 400 minutes, but of you take the class instead of paying the fine and pleading guilty to the ticket, the ticket stays off your California driving record. That means it doesn't count as a negligent operator point against your license, and your insurance company can't slap a hefty surcharge on top of your auto insurance premium, either.

Driving University offers a state-approved TVS class that's available online, so you can maintain a spotless driving record without even having to leave your house. You can break the course up as much as you like, so it's easy to fit into your busy schedule. When it's this easy to go to traffic school, there's no reason to make yourself suffer through years of high insurance premiums or have points on your license. Click here to sign up today!

Also, the certificate of completion for your California defensive driving course may even qualify you for an auto insurance discount. Availability of auto insurance discounts and discount amounts can vary by company, so make sure to contact your carrier for details.

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