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As long as you take a state-approved course, you can take the driver's education course online instead of in a classroom. This is an ideal option for busy teens who don't have the time to fit a classroom course into their schedules. Online driving school allows you to take the course at your own pace and in your own time. Plus, you can save your school hours for academic courses or to get some of your basic college credits out of the way. However, remember that to take the road test and get your driver's license, you do have to complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice with a licensed driving instructor.

If you are interested in taking the course online, I Drive Safely has an award-winning online California driver’s education course. The I Drive Safely course is designed to be interesting, informative, and easy to understand. It includes short videos to help you remember what you learned, and you can repeat sections of the course as often as you need to. 

To learn more about I Drive Safely’s California teen driver education course, click here.

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