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Drivers Ed Curriculum

Although each California driver's ed course will have slightly different content and presentation, there are several topics that all courses are required by law to cover:

  • A segment to raise student awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol
  • A segment that discusses the importance of maintaining a positive attitude while driving and the dangers of road rage.
  • A segment on traffic laws and traffic safety that focuses on the rights and responsibilities of drivers.


The courses also teach students lessons that are necessary to operate a vehicle, such as the rules governing right of way, the meaning of different traffic signs, and how to drive safely in a variety of different road conditions. The total course time for California driver's education courses is 30 hours.


The California driver training course provides practice driving in variety of conditions under the watchful eye of a trained and licensed driving instructor. This gives teens the chance to practice, and instructors a chance to correct any bad driving habits before they lead to trouble. The California driver training course is required to include 6 hours of driving practice.

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