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In California, each individual traffic court is allowed to decide whether or not it will accept an online defensive driving course. However, many courts do accept online traffic school as an option for ticket dismissal. If you are allowed to take California traffic school online, you'll be able to complete the course and get your ticket dismissed on your own time, and at your own pace.


Benefits of Driving University's online course

Driving University is a California DMV-approved course provider. . We provide you with the opportunity to complete traffic school in the comfort and privacy of your own home. There's no dress code-you can even take our course in your pajamas if you want to! We charge only a nominal fee of $22.75 for the class. This is nothing compared what keeping the ticket off of your driving record will save you on insurance. Once you complete the multiple-choice quiz at the end of the course, we'll mail your certificate out to you the very same day! Did you procrastinate? We also offer overnight shipping via Fed-Ex for an additional fee. Just make sure to take the course before the deadline the court gave you-otherwise, the conviction could go on your record.

The best part about Driving University's course is how we present the material. You'll find information, strategies and tips that will help you be a safe driver, presented in an easy-to-understand, often humorous format. Our course will not only help you get that traffic ticket off of your record, it will also help you to become a better driver.

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