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Reading the list of topics above, you may have thought, "Hey, wait a minute....didn't we talk about all of this in driver's ed?" Yes, you probably did. However, there are definitely some differences between driver's ed and California defensive driving. Driver's ed is a course that helps young people who have never driven before learn how to drive. Since driver's ed courses have to cover a lot of basic information about operating a vehicle, they are much longer, at least 30 hours or 2 1/2 semester periods.

Not only are California defensive driving classes shorter than driver’s ed classes, they also have a slightly different emphasis. Instead of teaching new drivers how to drive, California defensive driver courses serve as a refresher course on safe driving techniques for experienced drivers. Everyone needs a review once in a while, right?


Who regulates traffic school?

In California, traffic schools are regulated by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV licenses California traffic schools and their instructors, approves course curriculum, and investigates complaints. If a California traffic school instructor is convicted of professional misconduct or is simply an incompetent teacher, the state may revoke their instructor's license.

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