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Course Content and Requirements

In order to dismiss a traffic ticket, you must take a California defensive driving class that has been approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. All state-approved traffic violator schools must last at least 400 minutes (a little over 6 ½ hours). Every California defensive driving school licensed by the state is required to cover much of the same material. As defined in the California Vehicle Code, the topics that are covered in a California defensive driving course must include your rights and duties as a motorist when you encounter people on foot, the rights and duties of people traveling on foot under current traffic laws, and the importance of "sharing the road" by respecting the rights of other drivers, pedestrians, bikers and motorcyclists. Courses also include information on traffic laws, general traffic safety and defensive driving techniques.  However, the method by which these topics are presented will vary depending on the course. Driving University's course covers all of the required topics in a straightforward, clear manner that's designed to help you understand the content without giving yourself a headache.


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